0407 605 463 19 Henderson hill Rd, Silvan Vic 3795
Affordable Cat Accommodation
Pick up & Delivery service available


All cats coming to Rosedown are required to have a current F3, F4 of F5 vaccination certificate; this certificate should be no more than 12 months old.

We feed Whiskas tinned and dry food. If your cat requires a different brand of food or special diet please bring that with them and we will make sure that they are fed correctly during their stay here.

Bring any medication your cat requires and we will administer as necessary

We supply comfortable bedding and toys or you are welcome to bring their own if you prefer.

If your pet requires Vetinary care during their stay here we will contact your vet. If they are unavailable we have a local vet whom we can call if your cat requires urgent assistance. We will endeavour to contact you first using the emergency details that you leave with us.

Full payment should be made when picking up your cat. This can be made by cash or cheque. Sorry no eftpos facilities are available. For longer stays we would require monthly payments.